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Charles Loving

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Charles Loving is the primary owner of CKSports and Associates LLC he has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and product development hold a degree from Cleveland State University and a Certificate from the University of Georgia in Export AG 2000. CKSports primary business is targeted at Sports Fans that are known as Tailgaters. Currently we have 7 patented products designed specifically for the tailgate market. Our number one patented product is tradename the Jughead Cooler which is a 40 quart rotomolded uniquely designed cooler that depicts a Football Helmet that sits on top of a Cooler body that holds up to 48 16.9 ounce water bottles that can stay cold for a few days. Our Jughead Coolers come in colors of the college sport team along with the college logos and mascots. The Jughead Cooler is designed with interchangeable lids for Baseball, Soocer, Basketball, Golf, Tennis, Race Car and Hockey. We also carrries soft coolers bags as well as other accessories. We currently have a partnership with Wayfair and we are working on getting into Alababa and Fanatics.

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